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Dura...the first name in reliable dentistry.

Dura dental acrylics and supplies from Reliance Dental, trusted by dentists since 1894.

DuraLay Crown & Bridge

A self-curing tooth shaded acrylic for making temporary crown and bridge restorations.


Inlay pattern resin, sets in approximately 5 minutes. Forms a dense, accurate, non-shrinking pattern.


A self-curing tooth shaded acrylic used as a temporary filing to seal a cavity, temporary inlays, or crowns and bridges.

Dura Rely-A-Soft

A long-term soft denture liner for chairside or laboratory use. Available in pink or clear.

DuraBase Soft

A soft cushion, self-curing, chairside rebase material for relining dentures. Will last 9 to 12 months in the mouth.

DuraLiner II

A permanent hard, self-curing, chairside rebase material for relining dentures. Available in pink, clear, and nylon fibers.

Dura Conditioner

A tissue conditioner and functional impression material that treats and tones irritated tissue. Available in white only.

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